Compile not giving section numbers

I want my editor to be able to refer to section numbers in my novel. For me a folder is a chapter and a text page is a scene (example “Compile” attached). I have set up compile to include <$n> for chapters and <$sn> for text using Section Layout for the folder (chapter) and level 1+ text in line (see example “Section” attached). The compiled document document comes out with Chapter notation correct, but the section breaks are one # only. Something is odd, because the text separator I have selected is Custom, a ###, but that does not appear.

I have recently upgraded to OSX 10.11.2

What am I doing wrong?


The desired formatting seems to work today. Apparently the little green men that inhabit Apple software decided to give me a break.

I just posted on the El Capitan thread … I had just upgraded when I tried the formatting that failed. Perhaps it takes my computer a while to digest all the wonderful new stuff Apple have given me … or perhaps they’re giving me a subtle hint to buy a new computer