Compile not including all of my script

I am using a documentary script and have deleted one of the 3 columns. On the left is Video, on the right is Audio (I removed the “time” column in the center). I’ve been writing away in both columns and everything looks fine, but when I compile, it only outputs (to PDF) the left Video column. The right Audio column is there, but empty.

Could you please send a sample project that shows the issue to

Thanks and all the best,

Sent! Thank you!

I need to send this to a client tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Is there a way to move it to another program (word, google docs etc.) I’ve tried copying and pasting with no luck… Size is out of whack, pics don’t convey etc.! I’ve tried to compile export using docs and that did not work. Same problem as above, The right column is missing content.