compile not saving anything

Hi all,

I must be doing something wrong, but can’t work out what…

I’ve got a range of text docs selected in the binder. They have plenty of text in them. Many of them have ‘include in compile’ selected in the inspector. I press compile and try and save the compiled file. But then I keep getting a message saying that no file has been created because there was no text included in the selection.

Any tips on what might be going wrong here?


ah, figured it out. my text bits were not filed in the binder as being part of the main ‘draft’, but rather were placed subsequent to them. so that master ‘Draft’ had nothing in it. for some reason that seems to mean that you can’t compile them, even if you select them specifically.
all sorted.

Glad you sorted it! Yes, the Draft folder is especially created for containing the documents you’ll be compiling, so it’s limited to containing text items (which can have images embedded in them, of course; you just can’t import images or other non-text items directly into the Draft in the binder as you can in Research or anywhere else) and it is the container the compiler will look to. It is possible to compile text documents from a collection, which could contain documents outside of the draft, but there’s not an option at the moment for compiling the currently selected documents.