Compile not using Normal.dotm (

My publisher likes manuscripts submitted in the old MS Word 97-2004 (.doc) format, so that’s what I Compile into.

I have changed my MS Word Office Mac 2011 Normal.dotm to use English (UK) for Spelling & Grammar checking.

I have changed Edit->Spelling & Grammar in the Scrivener document to say British English in the drop-down box.

My Mac Preference region is set to United Kingdom.

When I Compile the document and open it for final checks there are loads of spelling “mistakes”. Looking in Tools-> Language… I find it is set to English (US).

It looks as if you guys don’t use (96-2004), or Normal.dotm (Office Mac 2011) as a basis for the compiled document. So either you have a Normal.doc with English (US) stored away or Scrivener is hard coded to Compile to English (US) ignoring:

[]the MS Word template[/]
[]the language settings for the Scrivener document[/]
[]the region settings for the Mac[/]

Have I missed a setting somewhere?

We use the standard Apple .doc creator, so it sounds as though this is a problem with Apple’s exporters.

In the next update, I have implemented some new exporters, which are much improved (although they require Java to be installed). A quick test with those, and my language is set to English (UK) when I open a compiled .doc in Word (I’m English myself). To try these new exporters, you can download the beta of the next update from here:

Let me know how it goes.

All the best,

Cool, I’ll give it a try, thanks.

I have and it works a treat. :smiley: Thanks.

I was a professional software developer for 25 years before turning to writing professionally so if you need any beta testers I know the sort of information you’ll need to find bugs and I’m happy to help. :mrgreen:

Keith, taking this in a slightly different, but related direction, I have the same problem with Nisus. When I compile to RTF and open it in NWP, even though my System is British English, Scrivener uses British English and my NWP is set with British English as its default, the compiled RTFs always come up in a basic format with only a Normal and a Header style all set to US English.

I’m sure it’s down to Apple’s exporters/importers, but I’m always surprised given the amount of work you’ve done on the RTF from Scrivener, and all the work the Nisus guys have done to improve things. It’s not a huge problem, as I can select all and change languages in NWP with a keyboard shortcut, but it’s strange.

I haven’t tried the new docx exporter, I’ll do that and see what happens.

Mark (currently in the delightful city of Exeter … that’s Exeter UK for all you across the pond!)

EDIT: Re-reading Chasman’s comments above, it is possible that this MBP is set to Hong Kong as its regional setting (I don’t know how to change that if so!) and that is coming into play. I’ll try with my MBA (also bought in HK), but I did a complete, clean re-install of the System and all software on it after I arrived in the UK and see what language RTF compiles come up with on that.

Hi Mark,

I’m not sure why that would be. When I export an RTF file from Scrivener and open it in Nisus, it is set to British English. No language settings are saved into the RTF file as far as I know (or can see from examining the RTF), so which language is used should depend on the program that opens the file in the case of RTF.

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System prefs → Language and Text → Language.
Find “British English” and set it to the top of the list. I think you will need to restart to make it take effect.

Hi, Jaysen and KB,

I wrote to thank you both just after you posted, and thought I’d submitted, but I must have been checking the post in Preview when I had to rush out and shut down without submitting.

Jaysen, you were spot on. Although my systems were set to British English on initial set-up, the Languages pane only listed “English” not “British English” and I hadn’t thought that I should have to add it to the list … easily done, though. My guess is that this was the OPs problem too, so I hope s/he has continued to follow this thread; I presume that the OPs computer was bought outside the UK and that it is only machines bought in the UK that have British English set as default … for Apple in the rest of the world, including such Ex-British territories as Hong Kong, clearly British English is an also-ran, hence Keith’s not encountering the problem!

Having set it on the languages pane and re-logged in according to the instructions there, all was not entirely plain sailing. Although the compiled documents were coming up in NWP in British English, when I imported styles from the Style Library, those styles were in US English even though they had been set up in NWP with British English as its language. On my MBA, doing a reboot cured this; on my MBP it didn’t … for the MBP, I found the best way was to delete the styles library and copy over the equivalent from the MBA and all is well. Curious, though.

Anyway, thanks for the support and the pointers.


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Glad it helped.

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