Compile not working - bad allocation

I have previously compiled my manuscript without a problem, but today (when I really need it to work), it is not working. I need to compile it as an .odt in order to scan it and convert the references. It begins to compile - gets to 97% - then I get this error message: std::bad_allocation.
I have tried opening and closing Scrivener, restarting my computer, compiling in .rtf format instead, and saving to different drives with more space. But the same thing happens each time.
Any idea what I can do?

Have you added anything new to the manuscript, particularly images, since your last successful compile? If so, try removing that item from the compile group and see if you can compile. If that works, you can slowly add back in anything you’ve removed to find the specific problem point; you might need to try a different image or a smaller one, or perhaps compile without it and add it directly to the compiled manuscript in OpenOffice.