Compile not working in 3.2 [Workaround: pg. 2]

I was prompted this morning to upgrade to 3.2, and I chose to do that. I did some edits to my file and then closed Scrivener and shut down my computer. I just re-launched it because I needed to compile my latest chapter, only to find that when I click the Compile button, nothing happens. When I go to File > Compile, nothing happens. Not even a flash or anything—it’s as if the Compile feature doesn’t even exist.

2019 MacBook Pro running Catalina

I’ve tried shutting down Scrivener and re-launching it as well as rebooting my computer.

Additionally, because I really need this file compiled today, I tried rolling back to 3.1.5, but my Mac is giving me this error:[attachment=0]Screen%20Shot%202020-11-18%20at%205.38.44%20PM.png[/attachment]

Yep, compile not working for me either. I’m on Big Sur.

File-compile crashes iMac Sur…

I will check tomorrow to see if you’ve fixed it.

Best wishes.


I ran into the same problem

Updated to 3.2 on Big Sur, selecting File|Compile does… nothing. No crash, no dialog asking format or anything else, just… nothing. I have a machine running Catalina, too, and didn’t update it so I used that to compile, but that’s obviously not a good way to proceed.

I did the update for Release 3.2.0 and now I can’t seem to compile at all. I rebooted, and restarted but when I click compile, nothing happens.

Thank you

I’m running into the same issue.

Check out the instructions in this post.

Still can’t compile with the downloaded v of 3.2 v 14323.
Button does nothing on iMac and on new MB Air M1

I am using Scrivener 3.2 (build 14343)—which is the latest version—running on macOS 11.0.1 and I’m compiling fairly large projects to pdf. It’s working for me.

What is different about your setup? The answers may help others to help you.


I’m having the same problem as well. When I try to compile nothing happens. No pop-up or messages. I am on the latest build.

I have just compiled projects using Scrivener 3.2, build 14343 on both !0.15.7 (2015 iMac) and 10 13.6 (2011 MBP) without problems. It would help the devs to know which versions of MacOS you are using @ HeidiU and @onnie.



Still not able to compile after updating to Build 14343.

I’m on Big Sur v 11.0.1

I tried it on my MacBook air, same Mac os version but without the latest Scrivener upgrade and the compile works. It’s something to do with the latest upgrade

I’m having the same problem, build 14343. Updated via autoupdate on Big Sur; project opens fine, Compile does absolutely nothing. Uninstalled and re-downloaded 14343 to make sure everything was copacetic (downloaded 14343 as per another post in the forums) and re-ran; same behavior.

Please note that I have merged around half a dozen different threads regarding this same issue into one place, so the conversation may be a bit out of order, above. It will be easier to track bugs if the conversations aren’t all spread out though.

We are aware of an issue in the compiler: if you are editing a Format and access the font menu, you should see a crash. This will be fixed shortly.

The other one, crashing when compiling—we’ve seen reports but have yet to get a reproduction on it. If anyone can provide sample data in the form of a project that consistently crashes by just opening it, entering Compile, and clicking the compile button, that may help!

For the record, I’m on Big Sur11.0.1 and Scrivener 14343, and my project isn’t crashing, Compile just does absolutely nothing, like I didn’t hit the menu option at all.

I created a NEW project as a test - as the project I was trying to compile was created by older versions of Scrivener. It did the same thing: Create project, enter text in the scene so there’s something TO compile, File|Compile… nothing, no response, no dialog box, no crash, the menu item might as well not even be there.

Same here. No crash. Just nothing happening if you try to Compile.

Okay that’s good to know. If the button/command does nothing, that likely means an internal error happened. These are not reported by default since they can occur for reasons that aren’t really Scrivener’s fault. But if you’re experiencing problems, you can turn them on with the Show internal error alerts setting, the General: Warnings preference pane.

It’s also a good idea to run Console to the side (found in Applications/Utilities), and set the search bar in that to “scrivener”. If any debugging messages appear, that’s where they will go.

I’ll let someone on 11.0.1 know to test your checklist, I’m on 10.14.6 at the moment.