Compile now does NOT work???

My Scriv will not compile my latest book - here’s the error message…

Amazon kindlegen(Windows) V2.9 build 1029-0897292
A command line e-book compiler
Copyright and its Affiliates 2014

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Title “Eons Semester”

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Date “2016-05-15T18:48:21+20:00”

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Creator “Jim Rudnick”

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Publisher “RUDNICK PRESS”

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Subject “The RIM Confederacy Series”

Info(prcgen):I1047: Added metadata dc:Contributor “Scrivener for Windows ( []”

Info(prcgen):I1002: Parsing files 0000020

Info(prcgen):I1015: Building PRC file

Info(prcgen):I1006: Resolving hyperlinks

Info(prcgen):I1008: Resolving start reading location

Info(prcgen):I1049: Building table of content URL: C:\Users\Jim\AppData\Local\Temp\mbp_7E0_5_F_E_30_17_18_16F4_1BFC_1\OPS\toc.ncx

Need some help here lads???

As it simply gives me this report then will not save the Compile either???


Finally…found the answer.

What I’d done was to import into the .scriv file - a cover that I had made at 300 dpi - so it was like 95 MB…

That’s what was choking Scriv so that it wouldn’t compile - I deleted same, added back my 72 dpi cover at 2 MB and she compiled perfectly…

Scriv folks - add that to your DB of issues and the answer…