Compile of selected files on Mac synced to and now stuck on iOS

I did a compile of a selection of files from a project on my Mac. My iPad synced while those compile selections were still on the Mac. My project statistics are now wrong on my iPad, showing only the compile word count. I have changed the selection to compile all the files on the Mac and synched but it doesn’t change on the iPad. I could manually re-selected each file on my iPad to be included in compile as a workaround, but is there a better solution, and what has gone wrong?

Nobody have any suggestions?

There’s something screwy going on with compile, for sure. Every time I reopen Scrivener, sync with my iPad and open compile, only that last selection is checked, and the word count under project targets is only for the selection. I manually check all the files in compile and the total word count goes back to being correct. But sync again, and the compile selection on the iPad always overrides what’s on the Mac. It’s driving my a bit nuts.

You said you changed it on the Mac, by actually compiling all?

Yes, that’s right. But sync keeps throwing back what’s on the iPad (only compiling the selection) every time I sync.