Compile: old chapter titles appearing in .doc?


I’ve had a search for similar questions but haven’t seen any and these problems have been plaguing me for days. I feel really dim, like I’m missing some easy steps and I apologise if I am!

I AM dim and finally just solved one of my earlier issues - but this one is still eluding me.

I’ve long since changed the titles of my first two chapters, but when I compile the project, those first two original chapter titles are showing up. The titles appear correct within the binder, the project itself, the inspector, and even in the compile window. However when I compile to a .doc and open that up, it’s showing all the old chapter titles that I cannot find still being used ANYWHERE in the project.

Please let me know if I need to give further information in order for someone to assist me. I’m going mad! Thanks :slight_smile:

Was this a project updated from 1.x by any chance? I ask because the novel template in 1.x used to work a little differently, storing titles in the text of folders. If so, select a chapter folder and deselect whatever mode it enters by default (i.e. if it enters corkboard mode, click on the corkboard icon again to deselect it - this will show the text in the folder document - folders are just special types of text document).

Hope that helps!

All the best,