Compile only certain meta-data


is it possible to just compile certain meta-data, e.g. the label? If I add meta-data in the compile window, every meta-data (label, dates etc.) is included, but I only need the label.



Yes, all of the compilable meta-data is available as single-use placeholder tags (like <$label>). You’ll find the full list of them in the Help menu. Generally it is easiest to add these to the title suffix field, which can be styled independently from the title itself (and indeed can exist without a title).

OK, but is it possible to do this for every text in the compile list or do have to insert the tag in every single text?

Yes, that is what I meant by using the title suffix. If you are unfamiliar with the Formatting compile option pane, you can read all about it in §24.11 (pg 372) of the user manual PDF, but briefly you want to click on the icon type that you wish to add meta-data to in the list at the top of this pane, then click the Section Layout button. This will provide you with a Prefix and Suffix field. You could for example type " (<$label>)" into the suffix field, and if the “Title” checkbox is enable for text documents, that would print the name of the document followed by its label in parentheses. Or, if you aren’t printing the names of the documents, you could just put the label code in all by itself. These fields do not require the Title checkbox to function (this is how people replace internal binder names for generic titles like “Chapter 21”), but just typing in “Chapter <$n> into one of these fields”.