Compile only shortens some sections to 1 page

I’m having an issue with compiling my document (I’m on Mac and using the latest version of Scrivener). Here’s the issue: when I compile the project (to PDF or print), some included documents compile as they should. However, a few of the documents only include one page of the document, cutting off the text often mid-sentence. It seems to me that there must be some sort of setting for the document that makes this happen, but I can’t find it. I’ve tried cutting and pasting the text to a new document with the same results, so perhaps it is an issue with formatting? In any case, this is rather annoying and means I now need to copy and paste text out of Scrivener to elsewhere to print, which really goes against the whole point of Scrivener! I’ve not had this issue in the past, though, so perhaps this is an issue for some other reason? Any guidance would be helpful - thanks!

Perhaps you’re running into a bad case with the widow & orphan protection code, and it’s chopping off the last bit of a section? To test that theory, edit your compile Format and go into the Text Layout pane. Turn off widow & orphan protection and try compiling again. If that solves the problem, your project would be of considerable use to us in getting it fixed. If you could, send in a copy to support, or even a fragment if that is enough to demonstrate the problem. Be sure to note this forum thread URL in your message.