Compile Options for moving files/folders between projects

Is it possible to compile a folder rather than a whole project for export as an rtf?

I ask because I need to move large amounts of files from one project to another, and the only way I can see of doing this, possibly, would be to choose between exporting files individually to dropbox then reimporting from dropbox in the destination project (if I can get this to work again - but it’s not remotely viable for the number of files i need to move) or… compiling a project as an rtf, exporting to dropbox, and importing the entire project into the destination project, the deleting all the stuff i didnt want to move from that project.

This last would be great if it was possible to compile and export as rtf only a section of a project, like a folder and its contents.

The things im a bit concerned about are that, exporting as rtf doesnt affect the files in the source project at all, just creates a copy; and how do rtf files import into a project, do they appear in one folder etc as the project was structured originally (i cannot import with dropbox to test as the import from Files app isn;’t functioning as detailed in my other post)


Now i managed to test this, it is completely impossible to export folders or files or anything without compiling into one large file. :confused: Really silly.

I don’t have an answer for the iOS version, but…

This sort of thing is really easy to do on the desktop versions (certainly on the Mac, and I think on Windows).

So if you’re not going to be doing this a lot, can’t you download the trial version (which will work for 30 days) and sync the projects using dropbox. Then all you need to do if open both projects at the same time and drag the documents from one to the other. Finally sync them back to iOS. A bit convoluted, but almost certain to work and simple to do.