Compile options "replacements" not saving

I’m experimenting with the NaNoWriMo compile options, and I added a couple of letters to be replaced with other letters. When I save it as my own settings “NaNoWriMo - rdg”, and then re-load those settings, the letters I added to the “Replacements” window disappear.

Here are the steps to reproduce:
Select “Compile” from the toolbar icon.
Select “NaNoWriMo (Obfuscated)” from the list.
Under “Compile Options”, choose “Replacements”.
Click the “+” button to add another pair of letters.
Enter any two letters (“c” and “u”) for instance.
Click the Save… button.
Enter whatever “Nano” for the name
Select any other compile setting from the “format as:” drop-down.
Select your custom settings named “Nano”.

Note that the c/u pair is now gone.

I think this just might be because your sample conflicts with the existing set of replacements. ‘c’ is already defined in this preset, second from the bottom, to be replaced with ‘p’. So when you save this out, the system only saves one ‘c’ pair and drops your new one. Try typing in ‘1’ and ‘7’ in the Replace/With and saving that test out. Loads find for me.

Actually, no, there’s a bug someone else has already reported further down about this and formatting settings. It’s fixed for release, but in the meantime, the workaround is to Opt-click on the “Compile” button (which turns the “Compile” button into “Save”, to save the settings without compiling), then call up the compile sheet again to save your presets.

Weird… I think I may have double-posted, because I remember reading Keith’s response my posting of the same issue with more detail and no post by Ioa before his…

I just wanted to interject with a quick “thanks for the work-around! This is awesome!” The Obfuscated NaNoWriMo compile setting, with perhaps one or two tweaks will completely negate my ham-handed attempt to subvert MMD to make the NaNoWriMo word counting engine match what Scrivener has to report. So far as I can test (using wc -w in place of the NaNo word counter), replacing all dashes with spaces on export will make the word counts match. There may be other punctuation that is not recognized as white space by NaNo, but that should be easy to narrow down and test thanks to the substitution feature in 2.0.

And now that the obfuscation keeps someone from intercepting my 1st draft and becoming rich off of my brilliance :unamused:, I am completely free to concentrate on doing the absolute minimum to “win”.