Compile or Export Research Docs (PDF Docs)

I am using Scrivener 2.7.1 (26120) for Mac OS X on OS X 10.11.5

I use the application for extensive research and data gathering. In the process, I create many folders inside a scrivener binder where I import individual PDF files I created outside of Scrivener. (i.e., single Scrivener project includes 50 or more imported PDF files)

I am able to Export all the PDF files to a single folder, using the export function, as single files.

My Goal is to Compile, or Export, all of these PDF files into a single merged file - ideally a file which supports Chapter, Page Breaks, headers, etc - I have not been able to compile any folder in the project that includes a PDF file (such as the research folder) -

The feature I am looking is similar to Adobe Acrobat Pro where you can Merge Multiple PDF’s into a single Binder or Portfolio, which then creates bookmarks for each merged file - In scrivener, it could be a chapter, or page break, between files.

Is this available in Scrivener and if so, why am I having such difficulty figuring this out :slight_smile: LOL

I’m sorry, Scrivener can’t do this. You would need a PDF editor.