Compile outliner preset

I love Scrivener, especially for the compile/outline preset. However as I get into more sophisticated construction, I find adapting the levels of the outliner increasingly impenetrable. Folders/file groups/individual files - often the program itself seems to not know how the levels coordinate.

What I would love is a visual previz in the form of a tree or something so I don’t have to keep on experimenting. A snap-together construction tool which gives ease-of-access and takes out the guesswork.

Many thanks for the product, though. It’s fantastic.

Are you using a recent version of Scrivener (the latest is 2.6)? A while back we added a highlighter tool that shows you what documents your Formatting rule will impact, in the Binder. You may need to widen your window a bit if you can’t see the Binder behind the compile sheet.

I do know the highlighter tool but when the file Level gets beyond about 4 it is no longer accurate. For instance, if the most simple element of my structure is a scene within a chapter, my construction might look like this:

Arc 1/sub-arc/sequence/beat/chapter/scene:

Now, it makes a big difference to the behavior of the Level whether I have made a note in that scene. If I have, frequently it will not behave the same as other scenes of the same Level. In other words, even though all those scenes may have the same highlight, there is a discrepancy in behavior which is difficult to track easily. And I’m not talking about Levels that are categorized as say “Level 7+”, a catch-all. I mean ones that are well-within the parameters of the compile settings, say a 5.

I hope this is slightly clear.