Compile - page break misbehaving

When I compile to print or to pdf, I want a page break before each folder title, but not after. However, if I select, under the “Text and Folder Separator” option, Page Break, it inserts a page break before AND AFTER each folder document. When I change that option to Empty Line, it removes both page breaks.

I have the same problem, from clicking ‘Page Break before’ in Inspector.

edit: I had the same problem.
Then I went to Compile > Footnotes > Footnote Separator and set it to ‘Single Return’ instead of ‘Page Break’.

This is definitely a bug. If you create an empty folder for your chapter and then have notes underneath for the scenes, when you compile with Page Break before the chapter and single line follow on to the notes, it throws another blank page. If however you put any text in the folder then it compiles as you would expect.

The compiler performs the same way for both .PDF and .DOC

This can be reproduced 100% of test cases. Scrivener Windows Version 1.03


I haven’t been able to reproduce this (testing on 1.0.3), presumably because I’m not getting the right compile settings here to trigger the bug. Could someone provide exactly a sample set-up of the Draft in the binder, the “page break before” settings per document from the Contents area of compile, the full set up of the “Separators” pane, and the Formatting compile settings (i.e. what elements are included for each type and level of document)?

For example, with this setup (based off the Novel template), PDF compile works exactly as I expect, with a page break before each “Chapter” folder and a blank line between the folder title and the text of the following “scene” document:

In this case, though the folders are empty, I am including their titles in the compile; the page breaks in the output are the same whether or not I include the title prefix (there is one by default for the Novel template, though I removed it in the above example). If I don’t include any elements of the folders, then the page break simply falls between each set of scenes, where the folder would be, but there’s no extra blank page. Even adding a specific “Page Break Before” marker to each chapter folder results in the same.

So! I think I’m missing a crucial setting here to trigger the extra blank page bug, and if someone could clarify that for me so I can reproduce the bug, that’d be quite helpful. Thanks!

The secret to reproducing this bug is to have ‘Pg Break Before’ Chapter ticked and to have ‘Folder Separator’ set as ‘empty line.’ Then depending on whether there’s any text in the ‘Chapter’ folder or not, you’ll get either a new page or not…

Hope this helps.