Compile page breaks problem

After I’m finished editing in Scrivener, I hit compile to, well, compile it all into a word (.doc) Document. When I open it in word, however, my document shows that I have a page break everytime that I start a new paragraph in Scrivener. Also, when I start a new paragraph in word in the same document, it automatically jumps down into a new page again. There is no way to just backspace it to the previous page without using undo either. So instead of having 50 pages of normal writing material, I end up having 500. Any help?

Err… Ok. Never mind, I just figured out what was wrong. To anyone else who has a similar problem, this is what went wrong with mine. Some how, and don’t ask me how, I placed a page break between everyone on of my new paragraphs. I realized this when I selected the option of Show Invisibles. This can be done by hitting Format > Options > Show Invisibles. It can also be done with ctrl + shift + . The page breaks are the blue lines running across the screen. You can simply delete them with the backspace butten. I don’t know if this was common knowledge or not, probably was, but I’m just trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:.