Compile- page breaks

I am trying to compile my Binder and it’s a poetry book , so each new page is a poem and I need them to be complied into separate pages, I have my own chapter titles and style and I want to use them and not have any preset chapter numbers added in. I just simply want to compile into PDF so the way I have it in my binder is page for page, each needs to be separate, to be streamlined 1 page at a time, into .PDF , so that I can upload Manuscript to publish. –

I am hoping this makes sense, as I am new to Scrivener - please DM and I can clarify for you.

How can i do this simply through windows? Please help anyone! Thanks in Advance! :mrgreen:

You’ll probably get a more helpful response from Windows Scrivener users, so I moved your post accordingly. – Katherine

Katherine! Thank you.