Compile pane stuck on Section Layouts

No matter where I am or what project file, when I hit File>Compile, I do not get the Compile pane with the Summary and Options headings, I get one to choose Section Layouts, and I cannot find a way to get to the detailed Compile pane! I just updated to 3.0.2 and still no luck.

Are you getting something like this? (The Compile for: choice and the list of formats on the left hand side may be different, but that doesn’t matter.)

That’s what you should see. Choose the right Compile for: target, eg Epub, Word etc, then choose the appropriate format down the left hand side (it will vary according to the Compile target).

Next, click on Assign Section Layouts. There you’ll see a list of the Section Types you defined in your project — click on each one, then go down the list in the middle and choose the Section Layout which is closest to what you want for each Section Type. Several of the most common are provided by default, so you may find what want there.

If not, then press Cancel to get back to the first screen, right click on your chose Format on the left and click ‘Edit’ or ‘Duplicate and Edit’. Then you’ll see the more detailed advanced features and will be able to edit or create new Section Layouts to your exact requirements.

If what I’ve said about Section Types and Section Layouts doesn’t mean anything, then I strongly suggest that you take an hour out and do the Interactive Tutorial for Version 3. A couple of things, including compilation, have changed a lot (for the better), but they involve some new concepts, and you’ll save yourself time and effort if you go through the tutorial first.

Another useful resource is the Upgrade guide — — which is specifically targeted at those who are trying to update their V2 projects to V3.


THANKS! Between your reply & the manual, I figured out what was going on & was able to export ALMOST as I wanted! Now I’m having some trouble with initial paragraphs not indenting, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks, again.

Glad it helped.

As for the non-indented first paragraphs — that’s usually the default setting for most section text, so you may have to edit the format to change it.

Remember the name of the Section Layout which is closest to what you want otherwise (ie it’s right except for the first paragraph indention), then on the first compilation screen, right-click on your chosen format and choose ‘Edit’ or ‘Duplicate and Edit’, whichever is available.

You’ll be taken to the advanced compilation dialogue (which looks a lot like the custom screen in Version 2). Click on Section Layouts in the left hand side, then scroll down in the right hand list till you find the Section Layout you’d identified earlier and click on it. Then click on the Settings tab below and you’ll see various options to do with removing indents in the first paragraph. This allows you to have no indent after a Chapter, or after another scene, or after any other intervening section type. Obviously, to remove the first paragraph indent completely, you need to tick ‘Do Not Change’. You can test the compilation from this dialogue or save it and compile from the first screen in the normal way.

When you go back to the first screen, you should see that the dummy text for that section type/layout no longer removes the first paragraph indent.