compile PDF, off by one error

When running the compile, with the following settings

Format As : Novel Standard Manuscript Format

Compile For: PDF (.pdf)

the first chapter is marked as Chapter Two. I believe that the compiler is counting the Title Page as Chapter 1. It may be my setup, as I started with a fiction novel template default, then added in folders for each chapter, leaving the Title Page first.

I have had this problem, as well.

Yes, there’s a bug where “Compile As-Is” isn’t excluding the title prefix as it ought, so the Title Page is getting marked as Chapter One, making your first chapter Chapter Two and so on. This has been fixed for the next beta, but one or the other of these posts might get you on track to circumvent the problem in your current project. Or if you can wait a couple days, the new beta should take care of it without you doing any extra work.