Compile Presets to Word Styles?

I work with a publisher that uses an MS Word document template with a number of styles (and macros) that identify headings (plenty of them) for indexing, as well as formatting (e.g. Code, “Special Hint”, “Only in this Version”, etc).

I would like to do my research and writing in Scrivener, then compile to MS Word. Can I do that using Scrivener? I’m also open to writing a macro of some kind for Word.

I’m afraid there’s no way to include style information in the export at the moment, no, because Scrivener doesn’t have a true styles system itself. Also, Scrivener uses the standard OS X RTF export - with lots of refinements and additions that I’ve hacked into it, true, but hacking a styles system into it isn’t possible. To clarify, the RTF standard supports styles, but the standard OS X RTF export doesn’t, so I would need to build my own RTF parser from scratch to support styles, and build styles support into Scrivener. This is on the long-term list as it is something a number of users want and something I think would be good, but the amount of work involved means that I may have to wait until I can afford another developer to help me with it. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, some users use workarounds that involve using Word’s find formatting features to add style definitions post-hoc - maybe someone will post about that here.

Sorry that’s probably not what you wanted to hear!

All the best,

That’s what I expected :confused:

I’m more hoping that someone else with a similar situation to myself has already approached and solved this problem and has a solution they can confirm works for them.

Thanks for the great product!