Compile problem: space added in front of inline annotations


I originally posted this in Technical Support (Windows) but received no answers. However I now think it is a bug and post it in Bug Hunt again, hoping for a reaction from the Support Team.

When I compile a document to .rtf which has inline annotations and/or comments, then both get prepended with a single space in the output. In Compile Settings I export both as Margin Comments:

This is the Scrivener document:

And this is the output (opened in e.g. LibreOffice):

Now this might seem like a minor glitch, but a) I did not enter the space, and b) unfortunately this prevents my actual writing program (a German novel writing software) from recognizing the Meta-Tag “Szenentitel:” and therefore it does not treat the following paragraph as a scene entity in its own version of a Binder. With the additional space in front it is simply treated as a normal comment, just like in LibreOffice.

So, how can I get rid of these additional spaces? Compile Replacements do not work, as the space is not in the document but obviously only gets inserted during the compile process.



In case someone is interested what I would like to achieve in the end in my novel writing software called Papyrus Autor - yes, no “h” in German - which is very popular in Germany:
If I remove the spaces manually in LibreOffice and then open the document with Papyrus Autor then everything works fine. Here is a screenshot of the desired result: Two scene titles are recognized (Papyrus does not use separate documents but treats everything between those scene markers as separate scenes):