Compile Problem with italics

I have Sitka text for my font. I use Sitka Display for thoughts. I formatted it with italics as per normal.

However, if I compile it out to any format, it isn’t in italics and is underlined. here is a screen shot.

[attachment=0]italics to underline.png[/attachment]

Interesting… not found that area yet though… Thing is. I shouldn’t have to manually do that. It didn’t do this before the release. Thank you for your reply and taking the time out to do so. But can you tell me how to get to that area? I didn’t see it in the compile area or in the settings.

Gosh … finally found it. holy crap that was buried deep. That underline thing should never be a default option. Thanks for the help

That depends on your compile format. For compiling to a format that is in legacy manuscript format, you absolutely need to have that option checked, because legacy manuscript format uses * around words to show bolding and _ around words to show italics.

Thanks for the explanation :smiley: :smiley:

It’s not buried deep at all IMHO, just Compile->open the format->look for Transformations on the left (as in my screenshot). There’s not much you can do in Compile without opening a format, so you had to do that.

In the Windows version of Scrivener 3, in order to get to the settings it may be necessary to ‘Compile - Right Click on the chosen format - select Duplicate & Edit Format’ in order to get to the settings shown above.

[attachment=1]edit format.PNG[/attachment]

[attachment=0]edit format2.PNG[/attachment]