Compile problem

I am having a problem with the Compile function. Whenever I compile to any type (screen, pdf, .doc) many of the letters are geting jumpled. For example, “Section One” appears like “SnyTmqN ONE.” Chapter One" like “yhxptnz One.” Synopsis as “Synqpsms”

Has anyone else encountered this sort of problem? Is there a fix?

Check out your project’s File->Compile->Replacements tab. On that tab, there are two “sub-tabs”, one for just the Project, the other for the compile preset (what you choose from the Format As drop-down at the top of the compile window).

Make sure you check both replacement tabs to delete the replacements (using the “-” button). There’s a bug we caught in 1.2.5 (the current release) that’s causing the preset replacements to stick with a project, even if you’ve changed which compile preset you’re using; it’s been fixed for the next update.