Compile problems with indents and separators

My novel structure is based on:

Chapter 1
Scene 1a
Scene 1b
Scene 1c

Chapter 2
Scene 2a
Scene 2b

Some of my scene-documents require a separator symbol (***) to appear halfway through that scene to denote a break in narrative.

Other scenes need a separator at the END of the scene to split narrative from the next scene (ie the subsequent text document).

But some other scenes I just want to run seamlessly/continuously into the next scene with only a new paragraph break (indented rather than fully left aligned) without any separator or line space (so it all looks continuous).

When I Compile to mobi I’m getting the attached output, if you read the text on the actual image you can see my formatting issues.

I would ideally like to avoid having to divide and merge existing scenes based on separator-placements (as my Draft is very long and my current file set up is helpful to me when trying to find elements). Nor do I want to use ‘as-is’ because my document is probably full of different random fonts and sizes.

My settings are as follows. All my Scene documents are using the same layout format ie. Section Text

What is the best thing to do? Thanks!