Compile Problems.

Scrivener v Beta 1.7
OS Windows XP sp3
Computer Dell Precision PWS380 Pentium D 2.80 Ghz
3.5 Gb RAM
MS Office 2003 installed.
OpenOffice v3.2.1 installed.
Abobe Acrobat Reader v9.4.1 installed.

Problem description:
Compiling a document in ODT format no longer works. Gets to about 6% of the compile process and then throws an error entitled “Could not convert to required format” and the message is “May require MS Word to be installed.”

Expected behaviour:
A file of type odt should be created

Minimum steps to reproduce.
Compile a document, select “Format As” to be “Custom”.
Change “File Type” to “Open document Format (.odt)”.
Press the “Compile” button.


  1. I have tested the compile with doc, html, pdf, rtf and txt formats without this error happening. All appeared to open correctly except the pdf which gave the following error on open:

“Adobe Reader could not open ‘test.pdf’ because it is either not a supported file type of because the file has been damaged…”

  1. The Web Page (.html) compile results in a file with the extension “.html.htm”.

Not just you. :slight_smile: I was having problems with it earlier with win-scriv.

Not getting a choice for ODT in linux-scriv, even though I know I have Open Office and Libre Office installed. (Into /opt, but there’s a symlink for soffice in /usr/bin, as it should be.)