Compile Problems

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP and Word 2003 to Windows 7 and Word 2010. When operating in the XP and Word 2003 environment, I had no problems compiling projects.

I’m currently writing a short story – it has several folders and scenes all of which have been included in the compile. When I click on compile, I get a dialog box that says “Compile” and gives me the option of a format to use and an output options like rich text or .DOCX. When I click on compile the software compiles but the resultant document is empty. More important, unlike my previous experience, I get no dialog box that allows me to tinker with the formatting. This latter issue may be because I’m using the short story template (first time doing that). But I’m completely dead in the water.

Since I am a working writer and I have to get this story to an editor quickly. I’m going to have to cut and paste all 11K words to meet my deadling. I’m most unhappy. But more important I would like to know if this software actually works in Windows 7 and Word 2010. None of the formats I tried compiling to resulted in anything other than an empty document. And I see no place where I can actually provide any guidance to the compile process with respect to formatting.

So, pretty much, the program is useless at this point.



Both Win7 and Word’10 are supported so that shouldn’t be the cause of your problems.

Note, when you click the compile button on your toolbar you might need to click onthe little blue arrow to expand the dialogue box into the one with the full options.

Have a look in there and check the contents to make sure that you are compiling from your draft an that all necessary documents are included.

The most likely cause is that your manuscript is not actually a sub-folder of the Draft folder, but sits at the same level. It’ll need to be actually in there to show up in the Compile. Hopefully a quick drag and drop in the binder will sort you out.

Have a look at this thread: for a better description of what I mean!

Thanks for the response, but that’s not the problem. There is something wacky with the Short Story template. Here are a couple of screen shots to give you the idea of the problem I’m having. The first is a shot of my binder, which shows that my problem is not that I haven’t included the subfolder in the right place

And when I click compile I get the following box:

I never get to make any changes in formatting or even see the area where you can select assets to compile.

As a test I created a new project using the novel template and dragged the files from one project to another (didn’t know I could do that until I tried). When I compiled the project using the novel template it compiled without any problems. So, warning to others, don’t use the short story template it’s not working right.

Click on the blue arrow and the dialogue box should expand.