Compile puts each paragraph on a new page

I know, it’s something buried down in the settings, but it says it should look like the file in scrivener.
I’ve only returned after a couple of years waiting for Version 3.

I also got stuck after I built a book in Affinity Publisher, so I made copies and pasted them into Scrivener since Scrive does not read Sffinity, or does it?
I also want to use Scrive since it connects to prowrite aid, that’s nice. I am trying to find a workaround. Thanks.

The Separator for your Paragraph’s Section Layout is erroneously set to New Page instead of New Line.

Start Compile, Double-click the name of the Format you’re using and find Separators as the second tab in the window that opens.
Set the Separator for the Section Layout your Paragraph is Assigned to to New Line. Close the Compile Format Designer and finish your Compilation.

PWA seems to work with Scrivener Projects without any problem.


Thanks! That does remind me of the problem, I’ve been away for some time.

–Dick Sullivan