Compile question: Hiding 'notes' and 'text' labels

Quick question. I’m trying to compile a story whose chapters have setting headers to locate the time and place of the scene. Currently, I have that data stored in the Document Notes section of each scene. When I compile, I make sure to tick the buttons next to “Title” and “Notes” as well as “Text,” and it works lovely… except for the italicized headers that say “Notes” and “Text.” What I get looks something like this:

This is exactly what I want, except for those italicized headers! Is there any way to turn them off? I considered going through and adding the Document Note information to the start of each scene, but I want them to be a smaller font size, and bolded, and I don’t want to have to compile every scene As Is.

Any advice?

Well, I managed to figure out how to get rid of the sub-titles, but now the Title of the scene and the first line of Document Notes end up compiling together on the same line, so I get something like:

Which is doable, I suppose, though I’d still like to find a way to get that Title centered on a line of its own, with the Document Notes appearing below it.

Do you have “Insert title as run-in head” ticked in the document type’s Level Settings under Title Appearance? (On the formatting page of the Compile sheet.) I’m guessing it’s just that, and all you need to do is remove the tick. To center the title, in the preview area of the formatting pane in Compile, set your cursor in the “Title” text and then center it with the button in the format bar.

I don’t have the run-in head bit ticked. I’ve tried to compile with it ticked and without it ticked, and it turns out the same way, with the run-on title and notes, both times. In the preview pane for the Formatting section of the Compile screen, it looks exactly how I want it, with the Document Notes on their own line after a centered Title, but when I actually compile the thing, I get the run-on thing. It’s very strange.

Jennifer, have you picked up that the OP is using Windows, according to the information and that this is posted in the Mac forums. Might this be an issue with the Windows app, and 'cos you’re in the Mac forum …

Just asking …


Ha! Thanks, Mark. I did in fact miss that. Moving this to the appropriate forum…

Do you have “Override text and notes formatting” checked or unchecked in the formatting section? What format are you compiling to (RTF, PDF, etc.) and what program are you using to open the compiled document?

Eff! I’m not using Windows. I started using Scrivener in the Windows beta, but I liked it so much I bought a MacBook Air with my tax refund last year. So no, this is happening on the newest version of the MAC version of Scrivener. Please move it back to the relevant forums. And perhaps I’ll remember to change whatever profile option has everyone thinking I’m using Windows still!

I do have the “Override text and notes formatting” checked. I’m compiling to PDF, and using Adobe to open the PDF document. I am opening it on a Windows machine (remember, Scrivener is on a Mac!) but I thought the whole point of a PDF document was that it doesn’t change between machines, etc.

EDIT TO ADD: I just tried to compile with the “Override text and notes formatting” unchecked, and I get the same response. I can send the Scrivener file to anyone who may have any suggestions. I’m baffled at the moment.

Does the problem exist if you compile to RTF instead? What about plain-text viewed in a editor like TextWrangler which won’t do anything fancy with it?

P.S. Moved back to the Mac forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the move back!

And it’s still doing it in RTF form. I opened the RTF file up in Word (on my Windows machine) and TextEdit (on my Mac) and it’s the same thing, no line break between the title and the first line of Document Notes. It’s also not centering the title; it’s left-aligned. I’ve considered just adding a line break in the Document Notes section, but that still won’t center the title like I want.

Could you send a copy of your compile preferences? Use the main “Format As” menu, pick “Manage…” at the bottom, and from the pop-up, click the + button to save your current settings to a preset, and then select it and use the export button to save it to a file. Either attach that to a forum response (you might need to zip it), or send it to: support [size=60]at[/size] literatureandlatte [size=60]dot[/size] com.


If you need anything else, please let me know!

Just so anyone else knows, this looks like a bug in 2.1. Header run-in mode appears to force itself on when Notes are added without sub-titles. Current work-around is to insert a carriage return in the suffix for the header.

Thanks - I’ve fixed this for the next update.
All the best,