Compile Questions

I am writing a non-fiction (hierarchical) eBook, but might also want to:

  1. Print a good-looking PDF file for review purposes on 8.5x11” paper with the same fonts, etc. It would have the same headers on all pages because it would likely be single-sided.
  2. Submit copy for a a 6x9” paperback (I assume a PDF file) with different headers, footers and gutters because it would be two sided.
  3. Both and EPUB and MOBI formatted eBooks.

I have the compile of the eBooks working just fine. The 8.5x11” PDF also is working ok, because my default printer-setup is for US Letter 8.5x11”.

I want my fonts to be free for commercial-use and redistribution. I want San Serif for titles in different point sizes and a Serif for the body text. I am currently using Alegreya for Serif, Alegreya-Sans for Sans Serif. I currently have to make changes for 4 levels for about 6 parameters (line spacing, line spacing after paragraph, indent, 2 font + header sizes) for four types of output. That is over 100 changes! Is there an easier way?

To print a 6x9” PDF I have to export to MS Word and set the page size, headers and footers, gutter, and do the TOC there. YUK! Is there way to tell Scrivener the page size?

I actually wonder if I don’t also have to do this for the 8.5x11” PDF to get the TOC and page numbers correct. Currently there isn’t enough content to make the page numbering issue show up.

Can I assume from the lack of responses that very few people use Scrivener for nonfiction works?

Settings for page size can be found in the File -> Compile -> Page Settings pane. Once you uncheck the “Use Project Page Settings” box, you’ll be able to set up a custom page size for your output document.

For copyright reasons, Scrivener has no ability to embed fonts in ebooks.

The File -> Compile -> Formatting pane is the place to make your formatting adjustments. Once you’ve done it once, you can create a Compile Preset and re-use it with minor adjustments for the other output documents. In the Format As: menu, scroll down to the bottom to manage Compile Presets.

Tables of Contents are discussed in detail in Chapter 23 of the Scrivener manual.


Thanks, but I still don’t see where I would set the inside/gutter margins to be different.

In the Compile -> Page Settings pane, look at the tab for Facing Pages. The margins you set will apply to left-hand (verso) pages, and the recto (right-hand) pages will mirror them.