Compile Replacement Issue - non-regex

OSX: 10.8.5
Scrivener: 2.5 (25239)

This one may be “as designed”, though it doesn’t make total sense to me.

Compiling into a MOBI (if that matters) with replacements. The source text is:

I have two non-regex replacements defined:

My expected output is:

But what I get is:

The idea is that I have two different versions of text and I only want one of them during each compile; if I wanted the second text, I would use this, instead:

I tried a single space as the “with” string, with the same effect. It seems that if I don’t put the “$@” in the replacement string then the whole thing is ignored. I would think that the condition of finding what to replace should not be dependent on what I was replacing it with. I tried with regex’s next and had a different problem (which I’ll post separately).


Since regex seems to be plain-text-only, that makes this option more important to me, since it does retain formatting correctly. Any chance that it can be made to work?

I’ve added this to the list for enhancement. Currently, replacements using the $@ pattern only occur if both the “Replace” and “With” fields have the $@ patten in them, otherwise they are ignored. I’ll change it in a future version so that the “With” field does not require the pattern so that you can replace patterns with arbitrary text or remove them entirely.

Thanks, Keith!