Compile result = gibberish (April writing camp)

I did a search on the forum and did not see this anywhere.

I recently downloaded the trial version of Scrivener, with the idea of buying it pretty soon once I get the money. I am working on the current NaNoWriMo April camp and downloaded the custom 2014 writing camp template from the main site.

When I try to compile it using the custom NaNoWriMo template (can’t remember the name of it - I’m at work right now), the resulting word document is something like this:

Dxxydy Hxxy. Xyxxvh dx yx

Every word is replaced by those letters (mostly X and Y). I’ve been unable to figure out why this is happening. It works fine when I compile it using the non-fiction manuscript template (it is fiction). It seems to be formatted like the original text - correct number of letters in each word, punctuation (at least most of it) and paragraphs.

I copied the original text from Microsoft Word into Scrivener initially, hoping to continue my work from there. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Thank you!

This is a feature, not a bug. Seriously! The NaNo word count validator doesn’t store copies of your manuscript when you paste it in, but a lot of people don’t believe that. To assuage fears of rough-draft plagerism, they recommend making a copy and doing a search-and-replace.

Scrivener allows you to use the Replacements section of the expanded Compile window to do arbitrary replacements like this without messing with the original text. Go to that pane, and you should be able to delete the rules which do this and get everything to come out as expected. Or you can use a different preset from the compile window’s Format As drop-down; choose one that’s not NaNoWriMo specific, and you should be good.

Oh, thanks!

For some reason, that possibility never even occurred to me.