Compile scriptwriting mode with number of pages

I noticed the standard model for scriptwriting has numbers of pages on the top right corner of the page (see image). Is that possible in Scrivener?
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I think I can answer this one: You can get what you want with a Compile setting.

Show All Options in the Compile dialog box, then in the resulting Compilation Options list, click to Page Settings. There you will find the option to place a right-aligned page number designation in the header. Scrivener’s placement of that page number is flush with the right margin, so should be just what you are looking for.

If you specify in the Header and Footer tab
for the right hand of the header, and then, assuming you have a title page, under the First Page tab you probably want to click the “different first page” box and uncheck the “count first page” box.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Greg,
Unfortunately, I can’t find any options to place a right-aligned page number… Is it on this dialog box?
(sorry, my Scrivener is in french but it should be the same options)
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<$p> inserts the page number in the header of the compiled file.

At the moment, you have it in the middle of the header.

You can move it to the right by cutting and pasting into the box indicated.

You can change the right margin by changing the setup of the page (also marked).

Hope this helps.


What he said.


Great. I didn’t notice it worked like that.
Thanks a lot!