Compile section breaks

I have been trying to adjust section breaks in compile. I experimented with pasting a space after my custom *** and found that didn’t work. I want <>, but now I can’t get back to my simple <> custom between-section indicator. I get two sets of *** (see attached sample and compile setting). Ideas?
Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 12.22.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 12.14.59 PM.png

Are you by any chance compiling either to Print or to PDF? If so, check the Text Layout pane to be sure you’re not replacing empty line separators and thereby unintentionally inserting double custom separators:

If that’s not it, I can’t think of anything…

You want a space (as in there is a space between each of these words) or an empty line / paragraph return?

If you mean an empty line, your screen grab would show an empty white box (indicating the first paragraph return) with the asterisks and the second paragraph return being completely out of sight below. You wouldn’t see the asterisks. So I think you might have inadvertently typed:

To clear this, put your cursor in the box and press COMMAND A to select everything that you can and cannot see. Then press delete to clear the box completely.

To type what you want to achieve (assuming you want EMPTY LINE *** EMPTY LINE), press:


Pressing OPTION RETURN inserts a return in these kind of fields, as well as in the Find panel that you can call up in Scrivener using COMMAND F. In the Find panel, the paragraph return is indicated with a visible pilcrow (see image below). In the compile settings, the pilcrow isn’t shown. You can also use OPTION TAB and OPTION COMMAND RETURN to enter tabs and line breaks respectively.

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