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I think I understand the concept so what I need is a recipe.

In Compile in V2, I chose the level, checked the boxes for title and/or text, clicked on Options, set the prefix for CHAPTER NUMBER, then clicked on the word “CHAPTER” in the preview screen, chose a font and size and if I wanted it centered. Then I clicked on the preview text, chose a font and size and if I wanted it full justification. It meant playing with levels to get the front and back matter to be text only so I could embed the titles in the font I wanted and then mark it to preserve formatting.

I like the flexibility of being able to format front matter and back matter differently without having to play around with levels and Preserve Formatting. What I don’t get is how to get the front and back matter document titles, the chapter numbers, and the body text in different fonts. When I assign Heading and change the font, it changes the body text, too.

What I want:
Front and back matter: Document title in a specific font and size, centered, body text two lines under the title in another font and size, justified, no chapter number, no page number, page break between documents.
Chapters and scenes: Chapter heading to read CHAPTER NUMBER in the same font and size as the titles in front/back matter, body text two lines under CHAPTER NUMBER in the same font and size as the text in front/back matter, with page numbers, and a page break between chapters.

What I need: Step by step, what to select/type and where to select/type it. My structure is simple. Front matter, chapters and scenes, back matter.

My deepest gratitude to anyone who can help me. :open_mouth:

The precise recipe would be different depending on your binder, but the way I would go about it is like this:

  1. Open Project/Project Settings… and click on the Section Types pane.
  2. Click the + button and add a “Front/Back Matter” type.

That’s probably all you need for that part, so click OK. Now you need to assign these to the items in your front and back matter folders. An easy way of doing that would be:

  1. Right-click on the front matter folder and in the Section Types submenu, set the default subdocument type to your new “Front/Back Matter” type.
  2. The outliner view, with its section type outline column, is great for previewing the effects. If there are are individual chunks of text in that folder that should be handled differently, you can click right into the section type assignment and change it to something explicit rather than having it be automatically assigned.

You might at this point want to go through your draft and make sure the section types are sensibly assigned. Back in that Project Settings pane in the second tab, you can set up global level-based defaults which will save a lot of time. We just handled front/back matter differently since those are special.

Now you just need to tell the compiler what to do with the different types of documents in your binder. In File/Compile…, click the Assign Section Layouts… button below the preview area, and go through the different types on the left, setting how they should look by clicking on preview tiles on the right.

If you don’t see precisely what you’ll want, you’ll need to edit the format:

  1. In the main compile overview screen, right-click on the format you’re working with and either Duplicate & Edit, or just Edit (you can double-click if you’ve already created your own custom format, too).
  2. Browse through the Section Layouts pane—this is going to look a lot like your levels settings in the Formatting pane from v2. I’d click the one that is closest to what you want, then click + at the top to make a new Layout.
  3. Give it a name, and use the tabs below to make the changes you need.

Once you’re done you can save the format, go back to the Assign Section Layouts area and hook up the front/back matter type to this new layout.