Compile Select All / Deselect All shortcut?

Hi there.

I was wondering if there is a shortcut I don’t know about to select deselect all files in my compile window. I know how to Cmd+click them, but I have a lot of files and select lots or a few just for printing or setting my Project Target counts, is painful without a select shortcut. What does everyone else do?


SHIFT-click is what you’re after. Select the first item in the list, scroll down to the last, and SHIFT-click it. All the items in between will also be selected. This short-cut works with just about any list of items that you can select individually, including files & folders in the Finder.

Alt-click on the box by any selected file deselects all currently selected files, if/when none are selected it selects all files in draft.

Mr X

And there’s also a way for you to just use your current selection in the binder as a compile target, using the SHIFT-click and CMD-click tricks. The option is in the Contents section of the compile window; the drop-down that shows your Draft (aka Manuscript, aka…) folder lets you select other compile targets, including search results (from the search tool in the toolbar) or the current selection.

There’s also a ‘filter’ option near the bottom of the Contents section, that lets you use collections, search results and so-forth to exclude or include files that are a part of compile group you selected at the top. Very flexible, and doesn’t require you to select or de-select the “Include” check-boxes constantly.

You might check the manual, where it covers the compile window in depth for a better explanation of these options.

thanks rdale: printing from the current selection was exactly what I needed :smiley: