Compile Setting: Add Seperators to Formatting

I’d like to see Separators added to the Formatting settings so that, depending on an items level, they can have different separators.

This would lessen the apparent association of “scene” to file and permit fragments of a scene to be saved in different files. The separator for such sub-scenes would default to nothing. The sub-scenes would begin with new paragraphs but, other than that, there’d be nothing in the compiled output to suggest different files.

I’d use this, for example, with character descriptions. I’d put the description in a file (by itself). I’d then break some scene into two files (at an increased level making them sub-scenes) and drop the character description between them. With the sub-scenes (increased level scene parts) separator set to nothing, the “scene” in the compiled output would appear as a single, seamless piece. (I’d still have a file (empty?) at one-level higher as the “scene” and keep its separator set to a blank line.)

Welcome to the forum! Although not precisely what you’re asking for, I think you’ll be pleased with what’s in store. :slight_smile: