Compile setting "Use hyphenation" for non-english text


how does the compile-setting “Use hyphenation” work? Is it an fixed algorithm that can’t be changed easily? Cauz it - obviously - does not work for german text. Or does it base on some sort of dictionary-hypthenation file? Cauz in that case … where can i find that file to change it with a german hyphenation version? Or is there any way to change the hypthenation-beaviour already build in?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what format you are compiling to. If you are compiling to RTF or Word, then it just tells the external word processor to use hyphenation, and it’s down to that word processor to hyphenate the text. If you are compiling to PDF or for printing, then it uses the OS X text system’s hyphenation, the same as in TextEdit. Do you see the same issue in TextEdit?

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Happens, when I compile to pdf. Tested printing a few mins ago - same effect here, you are right. Exporting to Word works perfect with hyphenation, too.

Tested hyphenation in TextEdit … you are right, again … doesn’t work there either … never enabled it before so never noticed it. So OSX’s AppKit can’t handle non-english hyphenation … gosh. :open_mouth:

But exporting to Word/OpenOffice is a good working way to solve the problem, when I need a serious export. Thanks for the info!