Compile settings as preferences?

From the “trivial-and-perhaps-silly-request” dept:

I find it a little strange that so many options are bundled into the Compile pane. It feels like they should be under the Preferences pane. I get the idea: as you compile, you set up the particular configuration and hit compile. But there are many times when I want to make a change to the Compile settings, but not compile things. In this case I hit “Cancel” and hope it saves the changes I made.

I think it would be more intuitive for it to be a Preference pane, and then in compile have a way to access the preference pane, or load a preset.

Edit: there seems to be 2 types of options in Compile: some for the current compile, and some which are more general. I would put e.g., what to include in the first category, and transformations in the second.

Just a thought.

In the Compile window, hold down the Option key to convert the Cancel/Compile buttons into Reset/Save buttons. Clicking Save will do exactly what you want.

There already is a sort of preference system for compile settings. If you’ve got a set you want to save for future projects, use the Format As drop-down menu to select “Manage Compile Format Presets”. Click the + button to add your current settings as a preset that you can access at any point in the future from the Format As drop-down.

I’m not sure I agree with this being more intuitive in preferences though. While it is true that there are many settings which are fairly universal to your particular preferences (and that is what presets are for), most often each project will have its own peculiar settings. If you mainly use Scrivener for one project at a time, it might seem to make sense to just use preferences—but some people use many projects at once. You’d have to be constantly switching preferences if compile settings were global to the entire application.