Compile settings between Win and OS X

Hello! I’ve recently hired a virtual assistant who will be running Scrivener on her Windows machine. In the posted issues about using Mac & Windows says that Windows users will be “unable to interact” with the settings. Does that mean those settings (like turning on Multimarkdown, the header space on chapters, etc) will be removed or simply that my assistant will be unable to change them?


  • Erica Lindquist

Hi Erica,

Windows and Mac have completely separate compile settings right now, saved in separate files that aren’t read or adjusted on the other platform. If you set up compile on your Mac, then send the project to your assistant, anything she did in compile would be completely separate from what you had on your Mac, and when the project returned to you, you’d still have all your old settings. Similarly, if you create a compile preset on the Mac to quickly apply your settings to this or other projects, that preset would only work on a Mac and your assistant wouldn’t be able to load it.

She could perhaps set up compile on Windows to match what you’re doing on the Mac, depending on what settings you’re using (Mac has some additional options not yet available to Windows), but it would have to be done manually, and wouldn’t be affected by any future changes you made on the Mac. Typically in a cross-platform scenario, you want to just pick one platform to consistently use for compiling, and then you don’t have to worry about the settings on the other at all.

She could change what documents are included in compile by toggling that checkbox in the inspector, or course by rearranging the binder. Those are structural and document settings that would transfer between machines.

Thanks! I’ll talk to her and figure out what we want to do with this scenario :slight_smile: