compile settings for footnotes

I was using Scrivener for a long project and ended up needing to abandon ship and switch to word, for a variety of reasons. I am now back trying out a scrivener w/MMD workflow for a shorter project. There have been a few updates to the software (and to OSX) and I am having some trouble, not sure if it’s something I’ve forgotten / can’t find or if the software is behaving strangely.

When I compile to MMD, I can’t get it to include Scrivener inline footnotes as MMD notes (at the end of each document or the whole project) no matter what options I select in the compile dialog. Under formatting, I have notes and text checked for all sections. Under footnotes/comments, I have remove footnotes unchecked. I am compiling for plain MMD. The footnotes are inline and they basically just get left as part of the main text.

Any help or ideas appreciated. Am guessing/hoping that I’m missing something simple…

Cheers, Rebecca

Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. When you compile to plain MultiMarkdown with footnotes left in, you should get numbered text markers in the text, and a long list of all the footnotes in the draft at the very bottom of the file.

Do footnotes work using another compile format, just as a test? Try RTF (it won’t look pretty as it won’t be MMD processed) but it should at least indicate if the footnote feature is working correctly from within Scrivener.