Compile settings for paragraph-level document splits?

I’ve seen Ioa mention that he often splits his work down to the paragraph level, rather than entire sections in a project. I’ve been idly curious how I might apply this strategy to do block-quote indents for (for example) poetry in a novel, so that I don’t have to use “preserve formatting” on that poem.

Here’s an example of how I envisioned doing this, followed by the issues I’m trying to overcome:

In my Draft folder, I might have 3 levels: Level 1 chapter folders, level 2 scene documents and level 3+ poetry documents (nested “under” the level 2 scene fragment that precedes it). When compiled, no matter how I format the text in these documents, I want to set my Compile up so that the level 3 documents are formatted differently, but also I want the level 2 documents before and after them to be treated as part of the same scene.

So the binder for a given chapter might look like this:
->An Unexpected Party
–>The Wizard visits (complete scene)
–>Uninvited Guests Arrive 1
—>A Song For Cleaning Dishes
–>Uninvited Guests Arrive 2

I’d like my manuscript to have a scene separator between The Wizard Visits and Uninvited Guests Arrive 1, but not between it and A Song For Cleaning Dishes, nor between A Song and Univited Guests Arrive 2.

I’ve got everything figured out but the scene separators. Since the Separators section of the Compile window doesn’t take level into account, I’m not sure I know how to accomplish this neatly without doing some post-compile processing. Is that possible?