Compile settings from desktop version to iOS version


Scrivener for iOS in wonderful! :smiley:
I installed on my very old iPad2 and it works perfectly, very good.

In iOS version, we need to write a (simple) file to set up customized compile settings. The file is simple and I think that I will not have problems to learn how to write it.

But, is it possible to export a compile setting from a desktop version of Scrivener and to import to iOS version (obviously only setting that works with iOS Scriv)?

It could be a very useful feature. :smiley:


Hi Luca,

Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately there’s no way of doing that, as the formats are very different. And with our next major update (Scrivener 3.0), Compile is going to be very different on the Mac, so that its features wouldn’t be compatible with the iOS version’s Compile, which cannot have so many options.

All the best,