Compile settings lost on upgrade

I used the command line updater to go from Beta 1.7 to Beta 1.9. I had some custom compilation options set, but they are now all gone.

So…I guess first I 'm reporting it as a bug, but also is there a way to restore them? I had some that were specifically set up for a column I write and it took a lot to get it right!

Where did you save your Custom settings too?

You can load them in again using the ‘Load’ button in the Compile.


I didn’t save them anywhere except on the compile dialog. I tried to load them, but couldn’t figure out where Scrivener saved them to. Where would they be located?

I finally figured out where the setting were, but can’t load them. This is definitely a bug.

It appears the settings changed on upgrade for location. When I try to save, it is going to {USERDIR}\AppData\Local\Scrivener HQ\Scrivener\CompileSettings . I found the original settings in {USERDIR}\AppData\Local\Scrivener\CompileSettings . Then, when I tried to import the settings from “This Is True.ini”, I got a popup window that said “Could Import Compile Settings This Is True. Could Import Compile settings at C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Scrivener\CompileSettings\This Is True.ini”. I’m assuming that since nothing imported, “Could” really meant “couldn’t”.

So, four bugs/issues I see here:

  1. The compile settings did not carry over through the upgrade.
  2. The location of the compile settings changed without accounting for the move as far as existing saved settings.
  3. Scrivener can’t import previously exported compile settings.
  4. The error message is misworded.

This may just be an incompatibility through the beta changes, but wanted to bring it to light in case there was something else going on.