Compile settings not working

I’ve been making compiles for years. I make full, partial and outline compiles without problems.
Now it looks like the compile settings aren’t having any effect, e.g. whether I select Titles or Text or both to compile, I get the same output: just the text.
Here are some screenshots using Preview to show the effect. No matter what combination I use I only get the body text. The Title text has disappeared.
Unless I’ve flipped out and am missing something really obvious?

Here’s the fourth image (not sure why this forum will only let me post 3 images at a time)

My guess is that the binder entries that you think your compile settings are going to affect aren’t actually affected by the Formatting row you’re fiddling with. Maybe you’ve got a “stack of documents” icon in the binder, but you’re manipulating the “single page” icon row in Formatting? Or maybe you have too many levels defined, when a “Level 1+” row would suffice, and you’re just manipulating the wrong indentation level in Formatting.

Also, in your screenshot, I don’t see the row highlighted in dark blue; be sure to select the row you’re fiddling with so that you see the example text being changed in the text area below the “Section Layout” button.

OK, I cracked it! It’s the ‘As Is’ column (far right). It was fully checked. Once I unchecked it I could easily get a compile with just the headings. I’m not sure why this is the case - or why I’ve never had this problem before, but finally I got it! Phew.