Compile Shifting

Hi, Windows user here. When I compile to a Word doc, the entire body of text and headers are shifted to the right, cutting them off. As a simple fix, when I set the margin on the right to 0, the body of the text is properly centered, but the header remains shifted.

Please help!

Thank you

When you say “margin on the right”, do you mean the setting here? (0.5 in the screenshot)

Is it possible you have a large left margin? (0.75 in my screenshot)

I’m not sure how that would shift the header more than the text, but …


Thanks for responding. My settings are 1 inch on both margins. How do I attach an image in this chat like you did? I tried to attach, but it showed up as a downloadable file. I can show a screen shot if I can paste it here.

Click on attachments, add files, select the screenshot, upload it, and place it inline.

Attachments, Add Files, select the screenshot, Place it inline, and Submit.

I resolved this by flushing the body of my text in each document all the way to the left. After that, the compiler worked just fine.

Did you have block indentation before? That’s “First line” and “Left” indentation having the same positive (large?) number in the paragraph indents dialog:

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 14.34.38.png[/attachment]

I can’t find the window you are showing here, but I was indenting the margins in the Editor.

Thanks for engaging with me on this BTW

There are no “margins” in the Editor — that’s not a thing until it’s compiled to paper or a paper-like document, something with left and right whitespace — but the Editor does have left indents and tabs. Both can create whitespace you may not expect if you don’t know the tabs are there. Soft returns, likewise.

Where is that darned indents window? I’ve looked everywhere.
My ms is almost done and I’m getting wacky indents when I compile.
Need to fix this…


LOL, you didn’t look everywhere, I think. Here it is:

You can do it by clicking and dragging on the Ruler, but I never would. It’s a frustrating process there.