Compile, showing only Status and Label Portions of Metadata

Is it possible to compile a doc and (from metadata) show only the status and label, omitting the create date and edit date lines? Thx, kraml

I’m afraid it’s not possible to get Scrivener to compile a document with some of the meta-data but not others. On Windows and Linux at least - I’m not sure about the Mac version.

In terms of workarounds, the only thing that springs to mind is to compile with the metadata, and then delete the extra stuff after the fact. You can use the Find / Find Next setting in the word processor of your choice to take you quickly to each instance and manually delete (search for “Modified:”), but an automatic Find And Replace won’t work as it won’t be able to account for the different info after the label and I suspect most word processors won’t allow you to use wildcard strings in a Find dialogue - Word didn’t when I tried it just now.

Depending on the number of Files and Folders you have in your draft this will be either a minor inconvenience or a pain. Sorry.

Thanks. You are right, of course. What I have done in the meantime is simply to reduce the font size drastically for the metadata output. That way it’s useable but not as obtrusive to the flow of the document. kraml