Compile shows all 55 pages of my script, but half of them are blank

I have a pilot script I’m trying to compile - a Teaser and 5 acts, each in their own folder. When I go to compile, 55 pages are shown, but everything after Act 2 (page 30) is blank. Can someone tell me what the problem is here, and how to fix this?

I’m working on iPad Pro 2020 - iOS 14 version 1.2.1 Scrivener

You mention writing a script, do you use dark mode by any chance. There was a bug a while back that caused scriptwriting mode to generate white text in dark mode, which you would not notice unless you switched out of dark mode or compiled.

I do indeed use dark mode, and this is exactly what’s happening on the last 3 chapters. How do I fix this?

It’s likely just white coloured text, so you can use the formatting tools to strip out the text colour.

Sweet! Thank you for the help, @AmberV! That fixed it.

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