Compile stopped working after OSX Upgrade

Hi everyone,

I researched previous topics but couldn’t find anything similar to this. I’ve been a Scrivener user for 2 years now and never had any issues with the program. I originally used it on OSX Leopard. Since my Macbook is getting older, I just migrated to Snow Leopard last month. I’m using Scrivener 2.4.1 on Snow Leopard now.

Ever since then, I’ve noticed that Scrivener isn’t compiling correctly. Even if I select all of my pages to be compiled, certain pages don’t appear in the exported file. Also, my book has a lot of Scrivener links, and many of the links don’t work either once exported, or they’re inconsistent (eg. they work in a PDF but not in a MOBI).

I’m assuming that Snow Leopard is the cause of my troubles, but I’d appreciate any guidance you all can give me. I’m supposed to finish my book in a few weeks and this is definitely a hindrance.

Never mind. I figured out the source of the problem. It was (as always) user error. I was clicking the right level of documents under the formatting screen. I had accidentally changed it without thinking about it a few weeks ago. Thanks!