Compile suddenly stopped working

I’ve been using Scrivener to compile a book to PDF format for printing (done this many times before) and was going through a process of minor tweaks here and there. Compile to PDF was working fine. I did about twenty or so compiles over a couple of days. Then, out of the blue, it stopped working.

The compile window still opens. I click the compile button, it goes to the ‘save as’ screen, I click export, and then nothing happens. It goes back to the compile screen.

I’ve tried quitting Scrivener. Restarting my computer (running Yosemite 101.10.1). But this makes no difference.

It can’t be some fundamental issue such as missing Java (found that on a forum search) because it had worked successfully plenty of times. Then it stopped.

Between a successful compile and the problem exhibiting, the only changes I made to the document were textual (deleting some paragraph breaks) with no changes to the compile settings themselves.

If I open a different Scriv document, then I can compile. So it looks like this is not a problem with the application but that I’ve done something to the file itself - though I can’t imagine what.

If I open the file in question on my laptop (also running Yosemite 10.10.1) then the same thing happens - compile fails.

Does anyone have any clues as to what may have happened? If the file is corrupted somehow, what’s the best way to rescue the contents? Drag and drop to a new file?

IMHO, it may be not necessary yet to go into that road. I suggest you to try the following steps first:

[]Check if the Content field is pointing to the whole draft.[/]
[]Check if there are any filters applied (included/excluded)[/]
[]Try using “Original” as you compile settings. If you don’t want to lose the current format teaks, save them first as a preset.[/]
[]Use the Save and Rebuild Search Indexes command.[/]

Do any of these help?

Changing the compile setting to ‘original’ did the trick. I then rebuilt the search indexes for good measure. Thanks for the help.